Crunchy Maze


Exhibited in HUB-Robeson Gallery in State College, PA


“Toast Crunchy Maze” is a work of art created to show how visual aesthetics of propaganda and marketing tactics on breakfast cereal products manipulate us on our food choices. The project started with a ten-day observational video experiment. I took videos of two groups of people at popular grocery chains: random individuals I encountered in Walmart and people I have has personal acquaintance with. The videos show the difficulty and reluctance of choosing food items.


Sculpture: Four unopened and one opened Cinnamon Toast Crunch boxes carefully stacked up forming a curved wall.


Video art: A looping video with five people who are in the process of making decisions to pick up Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereals with visual advertising elements of the package continually moving around to entice the audience.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch, paper bowls, Isadora software, and Adobe Creative Suite