Vulerability Cafe

Process: Wireframing the survey website using Invision


Exhibited in Zoller Gallery in May 2019 as a part of MFA Thesis Exhibition. 


Vulnerability Cafe is a survey-mail internet art. It started a year ago and is still going on. I ask participants about their fear, way of self-care, and self-harms. Based on a survey response from each participant, I create a collage using a fashion magazines I collected from South Korea. I keep the dimension of the collage under letter size.

After the collage is completed, I print it on a bandana or a t-shirt and send it to the participant as a token of encouragement and acceptance of their vulnerabilities. By wearing the pictorial creation of their vulnerabilities on the body, the participant agrees to accept and embraces their vulnerabilities. 

Photographer: Amirmasoud Agharebparast

I want to thank all participants who shared their valuable and personal experiences. Without their honesty and dedication, this project would not have been possible. 

Special thanks to Ritika Menghani, Holly Veenis, Haven Tucker, Matthew Olson, and other shop personnel for providing help in the installation process. Special thanks to Carlos Rosas, Eduardo Navas, Andrew Hieronymi and Karen Keifer-Boyd for providing help in the conceptual development of this ambitious project. Special thanks to Amirmasoud Agharebparast for excellent and professional documentation of the exhibition. 

Link to the Vulnerability Cafe :