VYDS Design Company

Vyds Design Company is a mock freelance design company that specializes in identity design and web design. Here is VYDS's mission statement. 

As members of VYDS, we are dedicated to creating new and one-of-a-kind designs for our variety of clients in many ways including packaging and web design. 

We strive to be remembered for our caring and ambitious values.

We work in a well-mannered and reliable fashion to deliver elegant and unique designs. Professionally, our designers are determined to work closely with our clients to produce quality designs. We work with a diverse group of clients who come from an assortment of work backgrounds. 

This collaboration project was produced using Illustrator. The aim of the project was to create a set of identity designs including a logo, namecard and a letterhead with a consistent style. The emphasis of the design was to give a friendly look but maintain a decent degree of professionalism. The type in the logo is handrawn to give a friendly look. It is vectorized and refined later on using Illustrator to give a hint of professinal refinement.

 Collaborators: Sarah Cho, Victoria Chandler, Danica Robinson.